Success Story: Joao Cipriano

Joao 1When you first meet Joao Cipriano, you are instantly pulled in by his contagious personality and infectious smile. But when you really get to know Joao, you may wonder how he ever had hope. For close to a decade, Joao had been living in Perkins Park in Brockton, heavily drinking and using drugs. Because of
his drug use, he had lost his job as a union painter and was estranged from his family and friends.

After 8 years of living on the streets, Joao decided he had to make a change in his life. “By the grace of God,” as he states, Joao discovered MainSpring House, and in November 2008, he turned in his bag, and “turned over his life.”

Since that day, Joao has not looked back. He participated in and graduated from FBMS’ WorkExpress program. The program required a commitment to sobriety and provided
Joao with paid on-the-job training, case management and the life skills training he needed to transition out of homelessness.

He currently lives in FBMS’ supported housing units in Brockton and is a model tenant. Perhaps most importantly, with the support and services from Father Bill’s & MainSpring, Joao celebrated 6 years of sobriety last November.

Due to a physical disability, Mr. Cipriano is unable to continue his work as a painter. But his disability does not stop him from giving back to his community in whatever way he can. Joao currently leads the AA programs at MainSpring House every week and works on small painting projects for FBMS when needed.

“ I am very grateful for the place I have to live and for the people here who have helped me,” said Joao. “Who knows where I would be now if not for
MainSpring. I decided to ‘let go and let God,’ and God has been very good to me.”

Joao’s fantastic story is just one example of the life-changing work done by MainSpring and other Coalition members every day. Together we can work to end homelessness and enable more happy endings like Joao’s.

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