The Boston Pilot: Harsh winter has been especially tough for Boston’s homeless

By: Brian Fraga

BOSTON — Even as the spring thaw begins to make its appearance in Boston, it’s not hard to remember the single digit temperatures and record-level snowfall that made this winter tough for just about everybody in Greater Boston.

Perhaps those who suffered most in this time were the city’s homeless, who rely on emergency shelters, donations and facilities to stay warm during the day.

“Homeless people are like the rest of us and they are subject to the elements as we all are. The only thing is they don’t have a roof over their heads,” said Joseph Burnieika, director of Catholic Charities Greater Boston.

The homeless, Burnieika said, are often at the whim of shelter vacancies. Catholic Charities assists almost 200 homeless people on a regular basis in its five shelters in the archdiocese.

“It has been a difficult winter for those who have not have been able to find housing,” Burnieika said.

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