Boston Globe: Advocates seek shelter for the homeless ahead of ferocious storm

By Andrew Ryan

Advocates worked feverishly to take homeless people off Boston’s streets Monday ahead of a ferocious winter storm, even as the city continued to struggle with a shortage of emergency beds after last fall’s abrupt shuttering of the largest city-run shelter.

Outreach workers in vans have been working around the clock to persuade the homeless to accept a ride to a shelter. They vowed to continue the push through Governor Charlie Baker’s travel ban as long as roads remained safe. Shelter workers planned to spend the night with their clients, prepared extra food and water, and stationed cots in lobbies and cafeterias.

“It’s all hands on deck trying to get people inside,” said Jennifer Harris, a spokeswoman for the Pine Street Inn, which provides emergency shelter. “The goal right now is to get people off the streets.”

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